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As you may be aware I purchased quite reasonably a 20 year old Merc Sprinter with a Home Conversion

I have been upgrading her a bit and looking at the electrics, pretty mad. Looks to me as if there has been two electrical wiring looms for Van in the past, one now just chopped and whatever is going on with the electrics is a bit crazy.

Anyway I thought to keep the batteries in good shape I would invest in a Victron Charger and bought one as described in my other post

Now the charger I have removed from the Van which has done about 180,000 miles of travel is from a Company who were based just a mile away from where I live !! I am quite surprised :)


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You should take the old charger out the casing and drop the victron one in there to keep it looking original and local :)
No thanks though, different sizes, Victron One is Bigger
Victron is fitted now and was wired with a Plug and did not wish to chop plug as that would likely void 5 Year Warranty

Slowly coming together - I fitted the socket and wired up the Victron Charger
Idea will be to take the Victron charger out and wire back in the other older charger when I sell her in a couple of years, or less

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