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Last October I travelled to Loughborough to purchase a Hydralift trailer from the manufacturer. He's a one man band who has developed and built these trailers for a number of years. He was very welcoming and a knowledgeable guy and helped me to fit the special tow plate to my towbar in place of the tow ball, he also supplied free of charge, a modification tow ball fitment that slots into the trailer towing mechanism for times that I might want to fit the pushbike rack or tow a caravan. I've placed a video He's made so that you can get an idea of the trailer.
It's a side loading with twin caster wheels
Which makes it very easy to reverse as the trailer follows the arc of the van in reverse.

It's really easy to use and certainly reduces the ferry cost being side loading
Though it is quite expensive at £1595 but it's really solid and well engineered.
The ones shown in the videos are slightly older versions as there has been a few improvements to the latest version.
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There is a recent video on here or Bikers of it being reversed downhill and it doesn't look very inspiring Phil.


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Yes I've seen that on YouTube, it's down hill and on rough road surface. I considered this video before I bought the trailer then decided that it was a situation that would happen very rarely. Most reversing is carried out on level surfaces and smooth tarmac or grass plus I atleast
Reverse very slowly. I have since checked how it behaves in reverse down hill and have to say that I haven't been able to make my Bonniville act as the one in the video but so long as its strapped down securely it really wouldn't matter.

There is another video of a chap who broke down on the continent with one, where by the o/s wheel came off, this is shown on Wild camping too but to be really honest I've looked at the design and construction of the one I've bought and there is only one way a wheel could depart from the trailer and that is if it was not user fitted correctly I.e. not checked to see if all was tightened up and pin secured. The other thing which is fairly relevant to me is it seems to be a one off incident as there are no more cases that I've found where a wheel has come adrift.

One of the beauties of this trailer is that going forward the wheel centres are very slightly rear of the bike centre of gravity and so puts a small amount of tow ball weight and the cantilever mechanism that causes the bike to lean slightly going down hill in reverse acts like a concertina effect in going forwards and acts like suspension, going forward the bike is in a vertical position unless going over a humped back bridge ofcourse 😄. Phil

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