How to sleep 2 and still have my wheelchair on board?


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I have encountered the issues with charging the chair. So far I have windled my way around a full or partial charge at many a coffee shop for the price of a coffee and slice of cake!

I agree that I won't be able to skimp on the solar, and have thought also about a generator for off grid. If I am lucky my new set of wheels might even come with one installed?
ref Generators ... I have no direct experience of built-in generators, but from my second-hand info (internet posts, some youtube postings) it seems the built-in units that have auto-start, etc (dead handy I would think) have a downside. For some reason from what I have read & seen, they are very uneconomical compared to stand-along ones. no idea why that should be and hopefully someone will be able to say what is really what :)


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I have tried all sorts so far, I am good with my solar about half the year so long as weather is good, I am also good all year if I keep moving with my B2B. I did end up having to get a generator as well to stay off grid though. I have a stand alone 1kw Hyundai that is fairly quiet and very good on fuel. I have almost got everything to run it off lpg as well.

coffee shops and similar are a good idea, pubs will often let you charge as well if you buy something.


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Could you make a folding frame to sit on top of your wheelchair going to the front of the van as an extra bed?


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I had not though to incorporate the wheelchair! Definetly worth seeing if it can be done. I will measure up and see if that might be a possibility. Thank you!

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