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Hi All, looking into doing van conversion. Really like the idea of a Ducato, Boxer L3H3 van, as I could get away with a transverse bed :)
Would like to have have 4x traveling seats (2x swivel seats and 2x minibus seats or something) but only sleep 2 in the van. Need to work
out whether this layout would fit with a small shower room in a 6m van :) Looks a great site, thanks for any help in advance. Gerry.

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Hello Gerry and welcome to this knowledge based place of motorhome building intrigue.

Plan, plan and plan again because you won't regret getting the plan exactly right whereas if you rush into it then you might end ............... !

With regards to your passenger carrying layout you might be better trying to find a L4 Sevel (Sevel is what is common language for any/all of the Sevel in Italy built Ducato/Boxer/Relay vans), ok they are somewhat harder to find, but the extra internal space would be a real winner for you and yet their extra length doesn't result in an unwieldy vehicle to drive.

Good luck and never ever forget, we are all here to help.


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