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They get nicked all the time but good luck with the build,i would not buy a mini bus because it has single glase windows which will run water at night like niagra falls,go for a ex library bus and fit perspecs double windows.



Hi Grant
Welcome aboard.
I have a Renault Master ex passenger ambulance and we get no probs with the single glass windows.

Millie Master

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Hello as well Grant and welcome aboard;

Despite the fact that you can weld (I wish I could), I wouldn't go near to the grandest rust buckets on the open road because if you cure all the rust and make it look nice, then as sure as eggs is eggs, it will get pinched!!

If you can I would go for a van that has a fully galvanised body which means the Renault Master (+ Vauxhall & Nissan equivalents) from 2004 onwards or the Sevel built vans that went fully galvanised from 2007 (Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Relay, Fiat Ducato).
Most of these are front wheel drive which results in a lower load platform.
Arguably the best ones to go for are the Sevel vans as they have the widest and squarest bodies which make them the easiest to convert......... But having said that both Edina (Chris) and I went for the Renault Master and we both love them to bits.


Grant C

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Thanks for the replies guys, rightly or wrongly, i went out and bought the transit, its prettt long so should be roomy enough for four of us i hope, it does need work but my work shift pattern gives me a lot of time off just now lol


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You have to go with what’s available and what budget allows 👍 loads of people use Transit as a base, I think it’s probably the most common base vehicle I have seen converted the last few weeks on the drove.

good luck with it 👍

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OK so you have bought the Trannie and OK you are now going to start the cleaning up and welding, but then when it is all sound with no more rust to be seen, make absolutely certain that you thoroughly treat all areas with good high quality rust preventing products and by that I don't mean that ancient Waxoyl stuff as there are some far better products on the market these days. Personally, I am now a convert to the utterly brilliant products produced by the BRITISH company Bilt Hamber https://www.bilthamber.com/corrosion-protection-and-rust-treatments/

Of their rust prevention products, I now use Dynax S 50 to inject inside the doors, all box sections and of course the inner parts of the sills. As for the entire underside, I would thoroughly clean off all the crud you are almost certain to find (I use their brilliant Surfex HD for this) before then treating any surface rust you will find and then give it a liberal coat with something like Dynax UB.

The worst possible thing for anyone converting a van is to spends hundreds of hours carefully converting/building the van only to have to rip out half of it in a year or so because of the need to repair yet more rust.



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Hi Grant welcome. Don't worry about your choice of vehicle mate, loads of people out there with trannies that love em! I had a mk7 but sold it. Main thing is you're out there doing it bud, building the dream. Good luck with the project hope it doesn't take too long.
Maybe see you around soon. Keep posting some piccies as you go if time allows, we love piccies.....👍😉🚐


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Hi Grant, welcome to the forum. Good luck with your conversion and we all look forward to seeing some pics. There is enough experience on this site to give any help that you may need. Geoff.

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