Grandfather driving rights


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I have been in consultation with the DVLA for the past 6 months, in September last year I sent in my D2 & D4 forms all duly filled in present and correct, sent them off luckily recorded post ( They specifically say it's not needed) after 12 weeks went by the saga started I eventually got through on the telephone and was told they had not had the forms, till I quoted the Royal Mail nr and who had signed for them then suddenly it was "Oh yes I can see we have had them but they must be lost in the system" to cut a long story short and after at least 4 communications with them after 6 months it finally was posted to me with no apology for the 6 month delay, just as well we didn't want to go to the continent in that six months.
The moral of the story is if you send anything to the DVLA send it recorded delivery it's defo worth the £6.80, if I had not sent it recorded they, I'm almost certain would have said they had not received them and would have to have gone through the whole doctor/ optician/form filling process again. Phil
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