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While I have great sympathy for families that have suffered family trauma such as young Natasha Laperouse and others who have had similar situations, I can not help but feel that the world is ascending or descending into total dependency on mother government. If I personally had a problem with allergies I would most certainly not eat out even if I were famished a human can survive for days without eating and if you have an allergy to water may the gods help you. My point is where do you stop with health warnings, I can just visualise it now, signs on cross channel ferries "Danger of sea sickness if you travel on this vessel" or " Danger of drowning if vessel sinks", Road signs stating "Possibility of death if you cross this road" Laws passed that children under 18 must not plug in and out electrical appliances in the home or light the gas oven and cook due to possibility of death.

You might I am sure say that I am being ridiculous, but where does it all stop. who would have guessed 45 years ago that a law would have been passed that everyone would have to wear a seat belt, who would have thought 15 years ago that you would not be allowed to do some wiring extensions to your own home, think I am being cynical!!, laugh if you want but by the time your grandchildren are grand parents, their grandchildren children will have to be asking government permission to travel to the next city/village so that some jobs worth can plan the safest method of transport and route so that you arrive in on piece and can not sue the government because of injuries sustained on your journey. Phil:cautious:

I've said it before and I say it again the Darwinian theory has sufficed for millennia, if its not broke then don't change it.
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I've said it before and I say it again the Darwinian theory has sufficed for millennia, if its not broke then don't change it.

I totally agree with you Phil.

I don't know what it is or how it all came about but when you and I were kids, we used to run around quite often covered in dirt playing all day long with not a care in the World and hardly anyone knew what an allergic reaction was for the simple reason that so very few people had any!

My most wonderful better half is a qualified caterer and she recalls when she was going through her training at Loughborough College, one of her food hygiene lecturers saying that the best thing for the health of everyone was to eat a teaspoon full of soil every day.

I started to play rugger at the age of 5 and in those days there was none of the mamby pamby touch rugby of the modern day, you bloody well learnt from day one to tackle good and hard and if you ever dared to cry the games master used to say "toughen up"!

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Agree with you that we are too sterile and safety conscious nowadays. Learning the hard way meant that you learned your limits! I do have sympathy with those with allergies but question why they eat out if such a risk. Did see a chap who had a reaction to the smell of certain things, nuts that is hard to avoid! But he seemed to carry on, avoid as much as possible and carry an epipen everywhere.

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