Gas Certificate


Hi All, I have just changed my insurance company and they have asked for a Gas Safety Certificate, Can anyone recommend someone in Oldham-Ashton or Manchester area and also what the procedure is so i can check it over before taking it in.
Regards Bob.
I would try googling for an LPG engineer in your locality. Lots of houses have LPG these days & they can do a leak test plus a quick once over quite quickly I would think. Where quick = reasonable cost. They regularly do Safety Certs for houses, it just depends if they would consider a van to be a different environment or not.

Interestingly, mains gas & lpg are certificated seperately & engineers usually have to get both qualifications to do both - despite them being pretty much the same gas! It would give you a chance of a couple of quotes & eliminate the "markup for caravan/ motorhome owners". ;)

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