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Someone recently pointed me to running earth 240V in on the Van to the copper pipe for Gas. A good tip. Makes some sense.

I have recently wired a 240V Socket that has USB Ports, and it has two earth terminals on back, one saying to "functional earth"
This is the socket
This is wiring diagram for socket

Where does the "functional earth" go to, in a MH situation ?
As well as that.
-There is an earth point on the MPPT 100/30, where does that go to ?
-There is an earth point on an inverter, when I get one, where does that go to ?

If I am running an inverter and not connected to any electrical supply from shore point then should I have an earth rod in the ground by the Van ?
If I am running an inverter and vehicle is mobile then what is inverter earthed to ?


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I would connect the "functional earth" to the "cable earth" (for want of a better description)

You will likely find that an inverter output actually has no connection to the earth pin (but this does vary). Most inverters and mnay MPPTs have a "ground/earth" on the casing - You would connect that to the chassis just like the earth wire on the hookup plug is recommended to be connected (Many folk prefer not to do so, some claim it is dangerous to do so, others say it is dangerous not to do so. Personally, I connect EHU earth to chassis.)


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In another life I found that military vehicles with generators running onboard could get to 1000’s of volts above ground. Not a problem until you connected two of them together. I solved the problem by making sure each vehicle was grounded before making a connection to the other. Sorry I can’t elaborate any more. So don’t think volts. Think potential difference.
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