Driver / Passenger Armrests


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I have a Ducato with factory fitted two front seats. Each seat has one armrest and on the opposite side a turnwheel for lumber support.
Has anyone information about the practicalities of adding second armrests?
I'm guessing the lumber support (which appears to be where the 2nd armrest should be) spoils this upgrade.


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Nick I thought about this option and looked into various ways of achieving it, after a while I forgot about it and now I don't even notice or care whether they are single arm rests or a captain's chair, it's a bit like mistakes made in the build you see them but nobody else can see them 👌😁. Phil


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I took mine of and binned them,always got in the way and found no use for them as both hands on wheel,maybe i missed something.


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I find Armrests really handy. I had them on the VW Caravelle Seats I fitted in the T5 on both sides of each seat. On the LT I fitted Ford Galaxy Seats that only have armrests on the inner sides and do kinda miss the doorside ones.
When I looked into it, Apparently the seats physically have the mounting positions for the addtional rests and it is just a matter of getting the armrets themselves. The ducato might be the same, although if there is a lumber support on both seats with the control where an armrest would go I would guess you are out of luck. (is it definately in line? the Galaxy drivers seat has lumber support and can still have an outer armrest apparently)

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