Caravan Breakers


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We went the salvage caravan route, for us it worked a treat however we are lucky we have the room to keep and strip it down. If we were to do another we’d definitely go the same way again


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Only some cupboard doors came from a caravan,the rest i done myself as had to make them fit my shell.
Most of the stuff from caravans is low quality in my eyes.


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I think it's a matter of the light weight of most of the stuff from a caravan, as opposed to the higher quality but slightly heavier self built furniture.

It's a bit like closing the door on a Rolls Royce, compared to closing the door on a Skoda init Trev:devilish::LOL:(y)(y).


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I went along to several breakers to try and find some stuff for my build. I ended up buying a loo (which I wish I hadn't following a more detailed examination at home) and not much more than tiddly squat else, the reason being the filthy condition they were mainly in and the astronomic prices being asked!

However the one you have highlighted Robmac do seem to have some very good kit.



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I did consider the recycled caravan approach for my fit-out, but when looked deeper, actually would not save that much money and likely no effort if transplanting into a Panel Van as every back would need to be scribed to fit, the depth of units would mean virtually no walkway left and the build quality of a Caravan cupboard usually leave a lot to be desired.
If fitting out a straight sided box-truck - say a Luton or ex-library van, then it could be a different story.

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