Camper control system


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We are a group of enthusiasts who have developed a comprehensive rv control system (similar to smart home systems). It was created out of a real need and many problems we have identified during months of camper travels.

Since few people are even aware of such solutions, we wanted to inform here that such a thing exists. We're also happy to answer any questions that arise.

In brief, our solution allows for:
  • Control of onboard devices
  • Event monitoring (such as flooding, break-ins, tank freezing, gas leaks, towing, etc.)
  • Monitoring of battery voltage
  • Integration with MPPT controllers
  • Control via both an application and SMS
  • Built-in LED dimmer (10 channels)
  • Monitoring the levels of two tanks
  • Weather station with temperature, humidity, and pressure measurements
  • Storm alert based on sudden pressure changes
  • Pre-departure checklist
  • Custom behavior rules allowing for user needs adaptation
  • RV security system
  • And much more...
More information about our system can be found on our website:

We also invite you to watch a short promotional video showcasing the capabilities of our system.



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Not for me, one down all down, i like to keep all seperates, much more easy to pin a fault and fix.
We consider similar opinions during product development and as a result we implement couple of solutions:
  • In case you lost your phone or wall mounted tablet die, there is still physical switch on Smart Road device to switch ON and OFF all connected devices
  • System can be installed in that wat you still have manual switch which takes priority
  • In case of total power supply lost our system remember which devies had which state and will recreate the state
  • Even we assume very unlikely situation - that our device will become totaly unresponsive. You can still easily unplug it from your system with one screw driver and continue your journey.


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The Victron kit does it!

Victron kit is really nice piece of hardware regarding energy monitoring but it doesn't have most of the features our product can offer such as:
  • Motorhome leveling assistant
  • Alarm functions including towing detection
  • Simple SMS text message remote control
  • LED dimmer (10 channels)
  • Build in weather station (temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors)
  • Storm alerts notifications
  • Pre-departure checklist
  • More output ports control 10 device instead of 2 in Cerbo GX
  • Build-in thermostate and timer controls
  • Dozens of ready to use automatic control rules created especially for motorhomes
  • Our product also integrate with other MPPT's like Epever/Tracer and Lumiax


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Personally I'm with Trev on this one and perhaps this is the wrong site to try and sell this sort of idea to. While we all love modernity it does bring its own problems,
It would seem modern vehicles that use these enhancements are because they are available but not infact necessary and can cause no end of niggling breakdowns. Phil


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Reads like it's something for someone to play with at home.
Get a life and enjoy the countryside.

We must disagree. Having our system installed doesn't mean you spend hours watching it. Does having motorhome with alarm system, MPPT screen or light dimmer mean you are not enjoying the contryside? The system was created especially for people who prefer off-grid wild camping. And they will benefit the most from it's features as it makes resource monitoring and changing camping place more convinient.

All sounds fantastically over complicated

And probably equally fantastically expensive .

Yes the number of features we provide is quite large. However system is still quite simple regarding installation and day to day use.

Regarding price we are few times cheaper than our competitors. If you wan't to control it from the phone or own tablet main unit price is about 500 EUR. Basic set of most usefull sensors is about 60 EUR.


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Phew!! I thought it was going to be about 900EUR. Come on lads you can get a lot of cheap tech for your basic 560EUR all using either your phone or supplied display. You have tried your best and I personally don't fault you for trying but it would seem you haven't convinced the motorhome builders on this site and it's time to call time especially at the cost. Phil


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Ohhh I wish you had said it was only 500 euros ...
I'd have ordered 2 rather than commenting (no I wouldn't ) ....

Anyway sadly I don't own a gin palace to fit it to .