Bloody mice!

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Sorry one and all I have been away for quite a long time as I have been doing admin and moderating duties on several other sites but now they are all up and running properly, I have taken a back seat once again and come back to my favourite site!


In November we moved house yet again to what I believe will definitely be our forever home as we love it! Unfortunately my beloved 'Millie' has been parked up for over 3 months at the other side of the house, basically unseen and ignored, I didn't even have the time to go out and start her engine until yesterday.
So yesterday, I opened her door, opened the bonnet to pump up the fuel pressure with the hand bulb and there, right in front of my eyes on top of the heater air intake was a great big mouse nest! On searching I wasn't able to find any damage or any signs or smells that the damnable critters had gained access to the interior from the engine compartment.

All my own stupid silly fault, I should have sprayed the wheels and suspension areas with Jeyes Fluid when I parked her up, but you know, when it is house move day and everything possible appears to be going wrong with the move, I simply forgot!!

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