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Hi everyone,
I'm potentially buying a Nissan Cabstar diesel motorhome 1990 and can't seem to find any reviews on it. This will be my first motorhome with no experience whatsoever!!
Any advice as to anyone that has had or got something similar please would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

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Hi and welcome.
Is the van you’re buying a home built or a professionally built? Perhaps put up a photo or two?
Basically a cab Star is a small truck with I guess a coach built body. So you’ve got a strong base vehicle. Being 1990 it’s a fairly old vehicle, so take that into account (does it have any history?).
So, assuming it’s a thirty one year old coach built, I’d be checking for rot in the walls and floor of the caravan body, having a good poke around in the cupboards etc. In reality, I’m guessing it isn’t a fortune and if it drives okay and isn’t falling apart, why not?
I would add that there are various Japanese two ton truck based camper vans around, many rust free vans imported from Japan in recent years, I’ve seen them advertised and they’re not silly money. Try searching jdm camper vans. There are lots out there if you search!

Hope this helps, Stevie.


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Thanks for your advice. I checked on the Mot's and corrosion seemed to be an on going problem so I have decided not to go on with the purchase. Also, I'm going to leave it for this year with the uncertainty of the pandemic seems to be an increase in prices on motorhomes.


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There has definitely been a price increase, cant believe some prices I see for old vans, dont know if they are all being realised though

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