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Hi; I’m wondering if anyone can give me some advice please- I’m considering buying a part converted 2007?renault master

The seller has stated the below in the listing….

Bits that will need looking at.
Gearbox will need reconditioning, it does not like going into second but will go in if you take your time and are gentle with it. I had planed on getting it done over a winter. last time I looked cost was around £400 to get this done.
Two lights on the dash, they have been like this since I bought the van and have never affected the van passing a MOT or had any trouble starting. I was told one was for a glow plug and one for a sensor.

Has anyone got any experience of anything like this-does this sound like a risky purchase or something that is easily fixed?



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No expert but mind, its 2007 so money should be small to begin with (holly cow... Just did a quick web search and the money for a 2007 is mental !!!)... Dunno what your paying but a lowish price on my quick search shows four and a half grand (no sayin theres no cheaper), christ, ah got a 2013 Sprinter for that bout 5 years ago... Anno the Master is a wide van, great for converting build wise but at that price with those problems ahd be giving it a miss, grand and a half maybe a yes if bodywork looks the part...

Top tip (dont laugh), find a local courier company that uses the van you want and go ask them when they next cycle over the vans to give you a call...

Sorry if ahv been no help whatsoever...

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Fiat Ducato, Citroen Relay & Peugeot Boxers are to favourite vans for conversion for a reason, part are plentiful, they are galvanised so les chance of serious rust if cared for, they are the widest body too and quite square, avoid Mercedes sprinters & VW crafters/LT35s as they rust like crazy, are quite narrow so beds unless you are a dwarf have to go along the van instead of across so take up valuable space.

I don't have a down on Sprinters or Crafter/LT35 I drove both for many years and they are good vans but for conversions the above is true.


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Potential money pit, Get your own quotes for a fitted exchange gearbox, (plus common sense would be to price in doing the clutch at the same time).
If the other faults were an easy fix they would probably have been rectified already.

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