Those darned EU bureaucrats and their medlling ways !

We have all no doubt heard of EU bureaucrats monitoring how straight a cucumber is and heaven knows how many other illustrations of their needless medlling.

Well this morning I was talking with the technical director of one of the leading European tyre manufacturing brands, he is French and based in the UK, what he had to tell me made me realise how unbelievably medlling and controlling the European Commission has become.

Some years ago by EU dictate all manufacturers had to adhere to the tyre labelling scheme where topics such as “pass by noise”, “wet grip” & “fuel economy” had to be measured and I agree this kind of information is of benefit when buying a tyre........................... But now the darned European Commission is becoming far more controlling in their ways.

Today I learnt they are now wanting to monitor and control the compound mixes of tyres being marketed in the EU when, in truth, these bureaucrats haven’t got the foggiest idea about what they are talking about, these are not my thoughts, but the expressed thoughts of the French technical director I was in conversation with this morning, he also went on to say that his company and all the others based in the EU are expecting them at some time to start regulating items such as tread depth as well.

Finally, and his final comment made to me was one which I found to be very interesting indeed, “I have industrial friends and contacts based throughout Europe and they would all like their countries to follow the GB’s lead and leave the EU as it isn’t the Common Market that all our countries thought they had signed up to”!


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Couldn't agree more with your last paragraph. I don't understand why the EU has to take over and dictate on everything. Too much power and money going to un-elected fat cats as far as I am concerned. It's no surprise that other countries are wanting to leave the EU.

In truth there never was a proper market and here is why,buy a car in n/ireland and then take it down south,if you dont pay a tax it will be impounded, why if it was a open and common market,in fact all it was is a big market for the rich to control us and taxes.

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