Is builder responsible for fixing new home that is not up to code?

We are currently purchasing a new townhome and after the offer was accepted, we had our home inspection. The home inspector found several issues that need to be fixed due to shoddy building (like putting in a spa tub but not putting in the motor or an access panel and not hooking up the dishwasher) and stated that some things are not up to code (like the location of the upstairs dryer vent). Is it reasonable on new construction to expect the builders to fix these issues due to poor construction or should we be ready for a "split cost" situation? Shein Reviews
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Our daughter recently moved into her apartment in London on inspection there where found to be minor faults! Ie large patio window scratched washing machine not connected lamente scuffs in most rooms and builders footprints on beige bedroom carpet cooker hood not wired in.
They have a site manager which looked at the above and all though it took 2 months to complete it was done at no cost to themselves