hello from tenby

gary les

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I was a diy motorhome user gutted when it closed I'm a sbmcc member but very rarely go on there these day just don't like it found this by chance hope to getting cracking on my peugeot boxer lbw had for 3 months now but not done much on it after 3 week I broke 2 ribs at work so my first day back in 8 weeks at work today. so I'm allowed back in the van


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Hi Gary.
Welcome along you’ll find a lot of the old diy guys and girls on here.
Hope you’re ribs get better soon.
Hi Gary, welcome aboard.
Good luck with the Boxer; lots of progress pics please :)
Hello Gary and OUCH BIG TIME as I know what broken ribs feel like!!

Yes there are a lot of us now on here who used to be on both DIY and SBMCC and I know, almost without exception, that we are all hoping this place will turn into the to go to friendly forum to discuss any problems associated with the building of a panel van conversion.

All the very best

Evening Gary
Slowly slowly old members are finding us, so as had been said hopefully will be as helpful but above all a friendly site. Hope the ribs heal soon and all the best with the conversion!!! In little England beyond 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Hi welcome along from the six counties,i to was on diy as roadrunner,do keep a record and post picys of build.

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