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  1. mistericeman

    Stays for Top Hung Locker Doors

    I used these when I built the transit.... Simple to fit and kept the door open nicely.
  2. mistericeman

    Calorifier saddle needed

    I've got some large jubilee clips kicking around if that's any use.
  3. mistericeman

    Inverter help needed
  4. mistericeman

    Inverter help needed

    Couple of places in Withernsea if your ever over that way that always have a big range of different types outside.... Biggish one in the centre called Roberts I think... The other is a private house on the way into the centre that usually has a driveway full of them.
  5. mistericeman

    Inverter help needed

    Check out your local Facebook market place.... There's usually loads of decent ones on there...for peanuts I bought a fair few in the past to chop up for various projects
  6. mistericeman

    Could this happen?

    Shouldn't IF the VSR is operating correctly.... As soon as the voltages drop beneath the cut off point then the VSR should disconnect. From memory the, VSR does consume a tiny amount of power sensing the voltage but its so small its ignored
  7. mistericeman

    Moving Double seat behind drivers seat.

    Did your insurance company require any paperwork when you informed them? Some I've had dealings with have, been really quite picky
  8. mistericeman

    Moving Double seat behind drivers seat.

    I'd contact and speak to your insurance company first... To make sure that they are happy with it being moved... It's not as simple as just drilling some holes through the floor with plates or just welding some framework in (although Some folks will just do as they please) as in the case of an...
  9. mistericeman

    Legal or illegal?

    From the testers manual....
  10. mistericeman

    Legal or illegal?

    I've seen some pretty dodgy looking 'Classics' kicking around since the MOT exemption came in for them... I really do believe that a professional set of eyes cast over all vehicles is a good thing (I still have my exempt landrovers tested for peace of mind) BUT I do have a very firm but fair...
  11. mistericeman

    Legal or illegal?

    There ARE still strict rules on position/types of lights etc as far as construction and use is concerned... But very little cross checks on that as far as MOT test is concerned (I personally don't think the MOT test will be around for much longer sadly.... As it seems to be evolving into...
  12. mistericeman

    Legal or illegal?

    This is the wording in the MOT testers manual... "The precise position of lamps is not part of the inspection. You should check visually that they are at about the same height and distance from each side of the vehicle." That doesn't mean that it contravenes construction and use regulations though
  13. mistericeman

    Legal or illegal?

    I'd say that the passenger side rear light is, obscured enough to risk a tug from a particularly bother police officer (should you happen to actually spot one) And in the event of an accident your insurance company to drop your cover to third party (especially IF you haven't declared the carrier...
  14. mistericeman

    Inverter help needed

    From here.... (if this is the same model you have) ....
  15. mistericeman

    Unused CTEK D250SE and CTEK Smartpass 120S

    Exactly what bit me on the bum with the ones I had planned on using.... I was slightly gutted as they seemed like fantastic quality kit.... Ended up with Victron after a brief flirtation with Ring. IF someone has got panels with a voltage the Ctek can use.... They won't be disappointed with these
  16. mistericeman

    Split Charge

    Didn't think a VSR would correctly charge a lithium battery?
  17. mistericeman

    Fridge 12v relay ?

    I have to say.... I wouldn't EVER use one of those smartcom relays as a split charger... I've fitted several in the past to landrovers etc (before the durite ones came out) and they all failed in short order.... Maybe OK as a fridge relay BUT definitely to be avoided as any means of split...
  18. mistericeman

    Fridge 12v relay ?
  19. mistericeman

    massacre in van sticky glupy stuff everywhere

    Each to their own BUT I'd have bought a gun/can for £20.... And saved myself a hell of a mess.
  20. mistericeman

    massacre in van sticky glupy stuff everywhere

    The cans are hopeless.... The pro guns and cans work far better (I have one for work with intumescent foam in it for fire stopping etc.... Far more precise and easier to use I never clean the gun.... And it can be months between uses