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    Strange Water Pooling Mercedes 311 Cdi

    The Mercedes Year 2000 311CDi that I have has a strange water pooling issue on the front doors BOTH sides It seems to be happening when the Van is parked at an angle, picture below gives an idea of the angle I have put additional seal on the doors but this has made no difference. Fortunately...
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    Build your own Lithium Battery ?

    Obviously this is based in the USA and I have not researched yet what sort of batteries you can get in the UK or may be available. Tesla recently announced some innovations in cell manufacture which are going to make the Lithium batteries even better than they are now. 20% more power in a...
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    Snow & Curt

    Not sure if anyone else is aware of these Guys from USA who have sold up all and gone off in a "Tiny Home" they built themselves. I am subscribed on YouTube and was a bit aghast at their build costs, but then considering all that has gone into their Merc I am not that surprised at the figure...
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    Euro Car Parts Tip

    not a fan of ECP yet here is a tip. Put some expensive tools in your basket and do not checkout. Leave the site. Close browser window. If you are lucky you may get a 30% discount voucher for your basket with limited time to checkout. I missed out on this as did not respond in time.
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    What about this as a base vehicle ?

    Bit Unusual ? Thoughts ?
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    A Rare Bargain at B & Q

    Often worth a check on the B&Q Bin ends if you are near to a B&Q - Otherwise most of their gear is overpriced IMO Set the scales to ml LOL - but same in g so 700g
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    Got so busy I have SORN'ed the MERC

    Blue Merc off road and SORN'ed Too busy... Things might lighten up or get busier after August ! Sad face but don't want to pay any more Tax for her to be parked up and only been used once since March and the great Lockdown !!
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    Mercedes T1N Heater - Runs On High only

    I found this bit of info here "Heater fan – If the heater fan only works on high speed, the heater resistor has probably failed. The heater resistor is about $40, and you can easily replace this yourself." I...
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    Mercedes Diesel Black Death ?

    Son has been investigating the BD issue that may or may not be affecting the pulling power of the diesel in our Merc CPV So these pictures are for @Nabsim and anyone else who may know about the issue to have a look at and give some feedback please High res images displayed when other images...
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    Mercedes Exhaust Mounts - HELP ?

    Anyone had any experience of these exhaust mounts as proving a right pain to get off and back on, new ones going back on as below
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    Callipers - Cheap or Not ?

    Son pointed me to this video, quite amusing and informative
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    Interesting Video Series

    I find Snow and Curt a little annoying at times, however some of their content is pretty good and they are quite inspiring to take to the Van permanently and travel the world. It would be something that I would like to do one day. I would not be taking any animals with me though, seems a bit...
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    Friends' are after a Van

    Some friends' of mine are after a Van. They have more money than me. I have advised them to look potentially at getting a base vehicle and employing someone to build them something. Are there any of you that offer a design and build service? Not really something I can do from scratch as not an...
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    Troubleshooting Carver Cascade

    Have a Carver Cascade in the Mercedes, seems to work alright on 240V but can't get it to work on Gas and not sure where to start. There is 12V Going to Unit and Gas Supply but not sure how the ignition would work. Here's the control
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    Really Useful Cleaner

    I am a supporter of Big Clive and as such I get early access to his YouTube videos. Here I am sharing a Chinese Product that creates an ozone or hydrogen chloride based cleaner. Not yet for Public Consumption I think this would be useful for Van Life as it means you can just generate cleaner as...
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    Earthing Questions

    Someone recently pointed me to running earth 240V in on the Van to the copper pipe for Gas. A good tip. Makes some sense. I have recently wired a 240V Socket that has USB Ports, and it has two earth terminals on back, one saying to "functional earth" This is the socket...
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    Best Place for BMV 712 when batteries are split front and rear ?

    Having the batteries split in the Merc and more AH in rear to that in Front I am wondering where best to place the BMV ? The solar comes in at rear, most of the battery load will be from the rear? By missing front loads from being attached to the BMV then how skewed will the readings be I wonder...
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    Sprinter Doors

    I have a few issues with the doors on the old Merc Sprinter 311Cdi 2000 Year So the Rear door is not meeting properly at the top, have only noticed this recently maybe because parked in a different place to normal. See picture below. The hinge bearings need replacing, mainly because Mercedes...
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    Has Anyone Built a Lithium Storage Battery ?

    Just curious really as found somewhere to get alright 18650 cells for about 40p each Would be interested in doing a build like that
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    JB Weld Plastic Putty

    The JB Weld range is outstanding in my opinion and this Plastic Putty is really good. Anyone else used it ?