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  1. Chinese Diesel heaters

    Hi, in the picture of sheet, 398 USD, 498 USD and 598 USD.
  2. Chinese Diesel heaters

    Good Idea, here for everyone as below Youtube Review Video of LAVANER Pro 12V 5KW All in One Water Heater Made by Mr. David McLuckie Test-Review:
  3. Chinese Diesel heaters

    YES, How can I email you or something? Thanks
  4. Chinese Diesel heaters

    Ha, this is our water heater:ROFLMAO:
  5. Chinese Diesel heaters

    sorry for your suffering, completely understood. I hate them too. THEY ARE CHEATS.
  6. Chinese Diesel heaters

    Hi Squiffy. YES, there are cheats on AliExpress. sometimes you will got 5KW heater after you placed the order for 2KW, they will give you 10 or 15 USD when you said you got a wrong heater. what I would like to say is that they are re-sellers, they are not responsible for their products, in...
  7. Chinese Diesel heaters

    Thanks for your feedback, sorry to tell you that AliExpress is the only way for Lavaner to market the products so far, but we have been trying to launch the online store in EBay and Amazon, hope we could have a online store in 2022.
  8. Chinese Diesel heaters

    I am happy to do the negotiation, just for the reference.
  9. Chinese Diesel heaters

    Hi Xsilvergs, we are completely different from other CDHs, we got quality parts inside the packages, no need to replace them when you open the box. in addition, ECU protected by Housing, Waterproof connectors, Kyocera Glow Plug, etc. we got tons of Reviews on the FB Pages. LOL. I am new member...