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  1. Nabsim

    Help needed fitting solar panels

    Hi Nabsim, Thank you for the input but I'm only trying to fit standard, flat to the roof panels. Its getting them up there and fixing them using standard brackets that I'm envisaging having problems with. As I think I've said elsewhere, I get dizzy in thick wool socks 😧 I understand, luckily...
  2. Nabsim

    Victron Multi and 600ah battery bank

    Wait for someone else but what source are you using to try and charge your battery bank? Engine via the CTek, solar via the MPPT, mains via the MultiPlus? Again wait for someone else but I don’t think you need the MPPT with having the Multiplus but I can frequently be wrong :) How many watts of...
  3. Nabsim

    Violating a Princess!

    It still amazes me how good wet wipes are at cleaning the dash area :)
  4. Nabsim

    CB Radio in Motorhomes

    I would often chat with folks in the USA on the rig I had but as I said previously it was before they were legalised. At one point we had the detector vans frantically searching for our group after one of the guys pointed his house mounted beam antenna towards Sheffield and knocked the traffic...
  5. Nabsim

    Help needed fitting solar panels

    Regarding tilting panels I think it’s now a lot easier to get the info for fitting electric actuators and even remote control. I just know I would be seized up before I got half way through doing it though hence my purchase of a folding panel when I went to increase my panels. If you can do it...
  6. Nabsim

    Help needed fitting solar panels

    Well no if you want to make it hard work 😂😂😂😂 I wouldn’t recommend bolting 4 x 345w panels together and lifting those either but for single motorhome panels weight rarely comes into it that much. Haven’t checked my specs but from memory I think my 150W panels were around 7kgs each. As my memory...
  7. Nabsim

    A strange pricing scheme for LEDs ...

    Was it the postage costing more than the parts that caused this? Happens a lot with small easy pack stuff
  8. Nabsim

    Help needed fitting solar panels

    It’s not the weight of panels that causes problems but make sure you don’t pick a windy day 👍
  9. Nabsim

    CB Radio in Motorhomes

    I had a Ham Major back in the 80’s but once they legalised less powerful versions I, along with all my cab mates, lost interest in them
  10. Nabsim

    VW Crafter MWB Build

    When I was fitting my solar o contacted Syka tech people and they were extremely helpful. Ask them and you can’t go wrong 👍
  11. Nabsim

    Chinese Diesel heaters

    Still a lot of wasted energy with that though, the bobil added to a diesel heater may be something I add later but not straight forward with me using a calorifier
  12. Nabsim

    Buzzer indications

    How strange they took that backward step. My RD’s and all my XS’s all had self cancelling. It cancelled either by turning the bars or after so many seconds. May have been distance not seconds but I am fairly sure it was time linked
  13. Nabsim

    Buzzer indications

    Are they not all self cancelling indicators on bikes these days? Seem to remember Yamaha changing to them during the 70’s and I am sure my last BMW also had self cancelling
  14. Nabsim

    Mobile CCTV

    I was wanting it more for being able to see what’s happening outside without having to open any blinds/let anyone know I am inside.
  15. Nabsim

    Mobile CCTV

    I will keep an eye on this as it’s something I keep thinking about. I think Nesting Zombie posted what he had butted in The Nest a year or so back but technology and prices will have changed a lot no doubt since then
  16. Nabsim

    Chinese Diesel heaters

    I don’t know if it’s luck of the draw or in some cases bodged fitting but there does seem to be a lot more problems with the Chinese diesel heaters. I know quite a few folks in self build vans who have gone right off them now and fitted burners instead. Hope your one stays trouble free 👍
  17. Nabsim

    DAFF LF45 self built motorhome

    Saw you on the Drove as you pulled off a couple of weeks ago. Think you came with Ryan and Nelli after the big picnic meet 👍
  18. Nabsim

    Habitation check results

    It’s probably because of the venting/combustion air needed. While with back doors open there wouldn’t be a problem if someone who didn’t know bought it there could be fatalities. Same reason a lot of these type of heaters vanished from homes
  19. Nabsim

    MPPT vs PWM - The Solar Controller Test!

    PWM controllers are preferred for large solar farms so not just small scale stuff. On motorhomes in U.K. mppt will usually be the best option
  20. Nabsim

    LPG vs Diesel heaters for winter travel Pros & cons

    In winter type of gas appliances fitted can make a massive difference on how frequently you need to fill up with gas/swap bottles. I can sit for weeks running my diesel Eberspacher when I have seen Charlie going for gas every few days. Location/availability of gas becomes a big factor then also...