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  1. Pugwash69

    Is it a bathroom?

    I call mine a toilet cubicle. There's a shower in it too. I'm baffled why people call them bathrooms when clearly we're not sticking a bath in them?
  2. Pugwash69

    Should I change my solar panels from parallel to series?

    When I first set up my system, I had two 100W panels in parallel into a 20A PWM controller. I was under the impression PWM could only handle it this way. I've recently replaced this with an MPPT controller and added a 3rd 100W panel, still wired in parallel. I'm guessing that if my panels were...
  3. Pugwash69

    Carver Cascade gas water heater - anyone fitted one themselves?

    Has anyone bought one of these and fitted it? It seems a fairly simple design and there's plenty of them for sale used or refurbished. I can't seem to find any youtube videos covering fitment although I did get hold of the install/operation manual. Is there something I'm missing or are they a...
  4. Pugwash69

    Victron SmartSolar - Should I change the battery preset?

    I've just installed the MPPT 100/20 this morning and noticed that the app has a battery preset in the settings. The factory default is "Gel Victron deep discharge(2)" Should I change this? None of the other presets sound right so should I hunt down the correct settings for my battery and...
  5. Pugwash69

    Idiot mistake or common? Shunt connection

    I installed a battery monitor with a shunt on the -ve cable a few weeks back. After charging the battery up to full I calibrated the 100% level and thought it was all working fine. I've had my charger on this week and noticed the monitor is showing a small drain, instead of a charge. Although...
  6. Pugwash69

    Push-to-Open drawer runners - just don't

    I bought a whole load of these thinking they would be great. No need to latches and handles. Nice heavy-load versions If they are fitted perfectly they work well. If they're 5mm too far apart they just don't latch! I took a few drawers out of my van this weekend to replace them with a cupboard...
  7. Pugwash69

    Battery Combiner with 300ah?

    I was just reading the document by Wildebus about split charge relay options and like the idea of using a battery combiner, as it may keep the starter battery topped-up nicely. I've seen a kit for sale on eBay using the Victron Cyrix-CT but it says it's suitable for 75ah to 220ah leisure...
  8. Pugwash69

    Solar water heater advice wanted

    I've seen some solar water heater ideas on Youtube that involve feeding your cold water through a series of black pipes on the roof to warm it up. The alternative idea is to fill a larger black pipe with water, let it warm up and inflate it to force it out hot. I realise there's some drawbacks...
  9. Pugwash69

    My Iveco Luton

    I bought the empty van a couple of years ago. It has the faint traces of "Initial Washroom Services" stickers and was registered to a leasing company in Birmingham. I bought it with about 98k miles on it and some cosmetic damage, but otherwise in good condition. It's only been in near-final...