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  1. Millie Master

    Gas Servicing

    It's a bloody closed shop, possibly driven by the likes of the NCC, the UK manufacturers along with their dealers and of course the damnable Caravan & Motorhome Club! I don't know who you are insured with Rob but I am with Scenic who apart from employing telesales people who actually know about...
  2. Millie Master

    Have you been prescribed any medication that your body has reacted against?

    When I was living in France, because of what was described as dangerously high cholesterol levels I was prescribed 'statins', three different makes of statins later my GP realised that my body wouldn't tolerate them! A couple of years later and shortly before a hip opp, I had the usual blood...
  3. Millie Master

    Wotcha doin?

    My word that was a whole lot of education for me Chris because until a few moments ago, I had never heard of Slapton Sands, so I did a quick Google search and came across this tragic war training story from 1944 as detailed in the archives of the Devon Life newspaper...
  4. Millie Master

    New off topic Chat Room

  5. Millie Master


    Hello Mike, welcome aboard this ever expanding base of self building intrigue. There is one in our midst who is in the process of converting his IVECO Daily, namely @Kermavio, he lives over in France, no doubt he will be very interested to see your efforts. All the best Phil
  6. Millie Master

    Floor covering

    Sorry Chris but no help for you at the moment, but when I first built 'Millie' I installed a 12mm marine ply floor throughout which I then gave 3 coats of water based satin varnish. On top of this floor I then built all the units and then for the floor area I bought some good quality vinyl...
  7. Millie Master

    This information might save not only your life but many others....

    HEART ATTACK WHEN YOU ARE ALONE Please pause for 2 minutes and read this and then share it: Let’s say it’s 7.25pm and you’re going home (alone of course) after an unusually hard and frustrating day at work. ... You’re feeling really tired, upset and frustrated. Suddenly you start experiencing...
  8. Millie Master

    Those darned EU bureaucrats and their medlling ways !

    We have all no doubt heard of EU bureaucrats monitoring how straight a cucumber is and heaven knows how many other illustrations of their needless medlling. Well this morning I was talking with the technical director of one of the leading European tyre manufacturing brands, he is French and...
  9. Millie Master

    John Guest ?

    Hiya Vic; yes I can assure you that just as long as you have a decent pump such as the Shurflo.................. you will get a good powerful flow. We only on soak/off wash/on rinse shower to save water and the power of flow at the shower head is way more than adequate, in fact neither of us...
  10. Millie Master

    John Guest ?

    The problem I have with any larger size tube is the actual capacity of water it holds. It doesn't matter so much with the cold water pipes but when it comes to the hot water supply, it stands to reason that larger diameter pipe waste so much water when you turn on the tap and have to wait for...
  11. Millie Master

    Suggestions please

    There's no hope for me as I only drink!!
  12. Millie Master

    hello from tenby

    Hello Gary and OUCH BIG TIME as I know what broken ribs feel like!! Yes there are a lot of us now on here who used to be on both DIY and SBMCC and I know, almost without exception, that we are all hoping this place will turn into the to go to friendly forum to discuss any problems associated...
  13. Millie Master

    Supplier of single passenger seats.

    On one of the facebook van building forums I have just noticed a post from someone called David Bonser of Midland Leisure Supplies Apparently they do get in at times supplies of brand new single cab passenger seats that they normally sell at somewhere between...
  14. Millie Master

    Thistle - Ex Ambulance to...... well hopefully something else

    Désolé mais je ne comprends pas...................
  15. Millie Master

    Thistle - Ex Ambulance to...... well hopefully something else

    Dave; I found your totally reasoned appraisal of fridges to be a very valued read. I have a WAECO CRX 50 fitted and whereas it is OK, but certainly not great, the cost of it alone would result in me never ever even thinking of buying another one!! Phil
  16. Millie Master

    Boys have got to see this.

    My problem is that I never see any clothes on women, apart from the fat ugly ones with dimpled btm's and skin tight leggings, they all look the same to me.............. just off to Specsavers!!
  17. Millie Master

    John Guest ?

    I experienced exactly the same problem, but then I popped into my local Plumb Centre (now known as Wolseley) and told them about my problems...... I also took in the various items that I was fitting into the system........... and between the 3 blokes behind the counter and about a dozen...
  18. Millie Master

    Thistle - Ex Ambulance to...... well hopefully something else

    I bought a few items from Jackson Leisure and found them to be quite helpful and they are agents for Thetford Also Magnum Motorhomes sell them as well and their sales staff always seem to know what they are talking about...
  19. Millie Master

    John Guest ?

    I went for 10mm Speedfit plumbing throughout, my reason being that, most especially in the hot pipe run there is far less wasted water when waiting for the hot water to arrive at the tap, it also resulted in me being able to conceal them far more easily. When fitting the pipe the No.1 thing to...
  20. Millie Master

    Do you carry a scooter or motorbike in yor garage?

    If a motorhome with even quite a large garage was carrying a scrambles bike (for instance), but if the majority of the van was made over to living space and even if you were on the way to a scrambling event............... Surely if you are a private person and not receiving any kind of financial...