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  1. LVYuan inverter - avoid 3000w model.

    about a metre. I'll keep an eye on them, I doubt I will be using the hob and water heater at the same time in daily use, I was just stress testing my new toy. while using the shower I will be running the engine, so voltage will be a bit higher meaning current would be lower.
  2. LVYuan inverter - avoid 3000w model.

    I'm using 100mm2 welding cable, but its still getting slightly warm to the touch after a while not uncomfartably warm, but noticably warmer than the surroundings, should I go bigger?
  3. LVYuan inverter - avoid 3000w model.

    new inverter is a belter, it can run the hot water tap and induction cooker at the same time without complaining.
  4. F$%$K What an Idiot I AM - Just Blew the Inverter !!!

    a wee update on first testing the powerjack works well, can run the hot water tap and induction cooker at the same time, and the built in 80a charger looks like it tails off when it should to not overcharge the batteries, and the automatic shore power changeover switch works.I havent tried...
  5. F$%$K What an Idiot I AM - Just Blew the Inverter !!!

    it should be a good buy for them. If I wasn't swamped I would have had that from you, but realistically I wouldnt get round to it this year.
  6. F$%$K What an Idiot I AM - Just Blew the Inverter !!!
  7. LVYuan inverter - avoid 3000w model.

    Just a wee heads up, I have a 1500w constant 3000w peak lvyuan pure sine wave inverter in my works van, and it has run well for 2 years, I have ran a 1600w induction hob and an arc welder, plasma cutter, tig welder and mig welder off it (brief loads, just welding small brackets onto gates to fit...
  8. F$%$K What an Idiot I AM - Just Blew the Inverter !!!

    nope, time is at a premium at the moment, got a pile of sonos amps sat on the shelf awaiting repair but cant find a minute to get near them, if i'm not working or doing something with the kids the remainder of my free time is spent building my camper. Plus my 3000w steady 6000w peak inverter is...
  9. F$%$K What an Idiot I AM - Just Blew the Inverter !!!

    probably only around £10 of faulty fets and diodes, do you know how to use a meter on diode test mode?
  10. Eberspacher 801 question.

    Yes, seen those, cost more than the base van that the eberspacher is in though.
  11. Eberspacher 801 question.

    Yes, the yellow wire is just call for heat from the 801 to the d2, so the d2 still does all the pre heat and post heat cooldown cycle as normal, the d2 brain takes care of all of that. Delighted with the eberspacher, it was a great find on a smashed waterboard van in the scrapyard.
  12. Eberspacher 801 question.

    I might connect one of these in series between my gsm relay and the yellow wire and set it to 27 degrees or thereabouts, just its extra gubbins, sometimes simpler is better. The chinese controllers aren't...
  13. Eberspacher 801 question.

    When i apply power to my eberspacher d2 with 801 controller, it defaults to heating off, you need to press the button to start heating. i have a gsm operated remote relay, so I would like it to go into thermostatically regulated heating mode as soon as it receives power, so when I text my van to...
  14. Mobile CCTV?

    does the wifi reach your camper? some cameras upload to the cloud when connected to wifi, I know blackvue do. either that or if you have mains in the camper a hik dvr, 5mp camera with the pir on it and a 3 homefi router.
  15. swb vivaro budget build

    Was a bit of a task, my employee and I were hard at it for a good 16 hours. rock solid now though, but a bit tainted by the fact the diesel pump let go last night, probably because it had been sitting unused for a couple of years and was full of mouldy gunge. The good thing is my friend owns a...
  16. swb vivaro budget build

    I have replaced the wheel bolts and spigot rings with the correct ones for those wheels, bought from a wheel and tyre specialist, after taking their advice on the fitment. Thank you for your input, but I will defer to the opinion of people whose job it is to know what is allowable and what is not.
  17. swb vivaro budget build

    What is illegal about wheels that have the correct fitment and load rating and appropriatly load rated tyres? Beacause you dont like them? Because they arent what it left the factory with? If thats your argument all diy campers should be banned. What qualifications do you have to be converting...
  18. swb vivaro budget build

    Give it a rest about the wheels. They have 825kg stamped on them.
  19. swb vivaro budget build

    the bongo roof has some heavy duty reinforcements around the internal secondary pop up roof/upstairs bed and some heavy box section bracing around the hinges and motors so I thought it would be best to keep that as is and tie it into the vivaro structural sections with 1/4 inch steel folded in...
  20. swb vivaro budget build

    starting to take shape.