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  1. The Green Vanper

    Iveco Daily CNG MY2012_EN BodyBuilders instructions

    Iveco Daily CNG MY2012_EN BodyBuilders instructions covering the description of the steps when gas bottles / installation removal is required. This part is not covered by the instructions for the Ducato x250 / x290. The CNG engine is the same in Ducato / Daily. The installation is very similar...
  2. The Green Vanper

    Citroen Relay seat

    The single seat base is attached with different screws that the double one. Those are also quite hard to find. The part number is 1348031080. But looking at what can be done in the UK (installling seats from another car), perhaps it won't be necessary, perhaps standard screws will be enough.
  3. The Green Vanper

    Hello from Silesia :)

    Hello, I've found the forum last night and decided to register, as it's very much in my range of interests now. I'm Rafal, a linguist, ex-sales, working as an IT engineer. But I adore all kind of DIY. Large scale DIY... I had the idea of getting myself some kind of a mobile home a few years...