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  1. Inverter help needed

    plug can take 10, maybe 15 amps max . 85 watt panel charges at 5 amps in summer Problems x3 are100 ah battery. Ciggy thing small inverter Why only charge a less than 5 amp on 240volts A Solutions a 24 volt 15 amp cheap lipo solar controller ? And wire that in. Or yours mite change over...
  2. Inverter help needed

    If you already have inverter use it . That charger is over night use not between stops in van. But looks like a nice seat for outside van ! Lol Photo of the plug .lol The plug that go's into the mobility scooter not the vans inverter. Will it take 20 / 30 amps ??????
  3. Inverter help needed

    Is there a picture of the plug that connects it to the scooter The box is shit for quick charging its only 2 amp an hour. your thave to go for a long drive . I think my b2b vuctron is 30 amps. At 12v and your van 12 or 24 volt ? get a fast charger 12 to 24 and make sure it over...
  4. Chinese Heater connection to Renault Master Fuel line

    Yes still have my pipe as I went in fule pump , ie dropped tank. And a red derv is going in uk so , no need for cheap alternative. Red.
  5. Chinese Heater connection to Renault Master Fuel line

    If its the hard plastic pipe I'd leavalone and if not go for the shortest line if at all ! ? But will the pressures affect the ticking pump. And prime the line at all times ? My fule fillter never is full but it works. Why I dont know.
  6. massacre in van sticky glupy stuff everywhere

    All clean now refitted vape barrier, the jeans and T shirts still in a pile but vans clean. I think it was a fun bit of the build looking back..
  7. massacre in van sticky glupy stuff everywhere

    Yer but £15 for 3 cans and thrown away. But must slow it down.
  8. Henry water. Heater

    North wales has jacksons . south wales has a scrapper not far from cardiff its up in the hills we went there on way back from hereford.they rip caravans.
  9. massacre in van sticky glupy stuff everywhere

    Yet to clean up . Lol I put a paper bullclip on the pipe to slow it down. but you need a longer pipe for the ceilings as the cans are 30 foot long and upside down.
  10. massacre in van sticky glupy stuff everywhere

    No this one. Its safe now
  11. massacre in van sticky glupy stuff everywhere

    So blocked out windows 50mm kingspan and then !... . This thing went mad . It went in hole out of holes , on the floor on the ceiling . All over the walls but would it stop . No it wouldn't. Had to throw it in a carry a bag.. The foam the foam 1 can ok second as soon as it started it went...
  12. The Red Beast

    Good idea to turn fridge up when engine on. Lively.
  13. Little jems when shopping

    Longest bits ive found are 1200mm . Would love 1800 as that the lenght of the kitchen work top and floor to ceiling. But the beds made from paito frames at 1770 acrosss takes longer to fabricate, but so much stronger than 4x2 as wont bend as the 4x2 has done..
  14. Little jems when shopping

    More today bed kitchen frame here.
  15. Pulled leaky window out without breaking it

    New update only condensation on inside while away up north, with plenty of rain on sunday . Looked out of window for 4 hours and not a drip seen, only dog walkers.