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    WANTED - Cheap PWM Controller and Leisure battery

    I am selling Sylvia, decision 95% made, and I want to take the decent AGM and Victron Kit out. If anyone has any unwanted PWM controller and a Leisure battery, 90AH up, going spare then that would be great. Controller needs to handle 285W panel below: Thanks in advance Robert
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    Amazing Ambulance Conversion (US) - REALLY AMAZING

    Obviously the chap with the Ambo isn't short of a bob or two !! Victron everything and more... Not to mention at 5:43 - water heater using engine coolant when driving with heat converter !! WOW what an amazing idea, that would not be too hard to set-up I think. Is anyone using anything like...
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    Recommended JB Weld

    Son has used JB Weld Marine Epoxy to fix a small but crucial piece of a parcel shelf Get JB Weld marine here
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    Mercedes Sprinter for Sale

    I went to have a look at this over in Blackpool. It's a fairly tidy van, sadly too small for me. It runs and drives and as far as I can tell works well and has an oldish solar panel on the roof. Seller is a good guy, ignore the price on the Facebook Post - He's after around £6,000 for it from...
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    Iveco 2007 Library Van - Any good ??

    Thinking of having a look at a partially converted one. Anyone had any experience of these Iveco 2007 Library Vans ? Good / Bad etc ? Reg is MX07UDW Thanks in advance Robert
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    Full Time HGV Driving - New Career ??

    Good Morning !! I have started training with these people With a view to driving the larger HGV's and in a year or so perhaps looking to transport dangerous cargos for greater financial reward. I would be interested in linking up with any Truck Drivers that are...
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    DOH - VENUS OS and Controls - Feeling Stupid !!

    Why didn't I realise that in order to have your DC system power output monitored with Victron you have to do this ?? Feeling right thick - see also
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    Happy Christmas / Yule to All

    Happy Christmas all fellow Motorhome Builders May you all have great Holidays
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    IFTTT - Van Heater - Smart Plug

    Thought you might like to know that after some faffing and opening a Support Request with TP Link I have now created a small routine to Turn on a Van heater at A specific Temperature range and turn it off at another temperature range. The device I used was a TP Link HS100 - It is a pretty neat...
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    After a Different Camper - Ideally before Orkney Trip

    Must haves: Fixed Double Bed, ideally at rear Decent Heating Good Fuel Economy Good Insulation Good mileage / Good runner Get in touch, nothing over £6000 (Big Ask I know)
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    Mercedes 813 - Early 80's Diesel - OM 352 Engine

    Has anyone got one or worked on one or have any experience of these ? Asking in advance of a possible purchase to have a possible discussion about these Vehicles
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    Three Way Charging / Mixing Old and New Tech

    OK so I have demonstrated now that the Old Charger on Sylvia is capable of charging all the batteries, albeit slowly For some reason the BMV battery monitor does not see the battery as charging with this set-up The delivery from the Old LabCraft Charger coming to the New Alpha AGM 160AH battery...
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    Pakistani Truck Company - Amusing YT

    Go on watch the battery re-conditioning one to the end, I dare you.... @wildebus I find this quite an amusing YouTube Channel
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    Taylor's Back with a Minivan !

    I enjoyed watching Taylor's videos on aspects of his RV life when he was in a Truck Camper, either in USA or Canada, maybe both. He now has a minivan and will be interesting to see how his minimalistic build evolves
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    Top End Mercedes HGV Truck, like Band Touring Vehicle

    Up for Auction on Friday, anyone's guess what it could go for or what, if any, reserve there might be. Looks good though if after the "forever home"
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    Cleaning Habitation Gas Lines ?

    So my understanding is that Gas LPG and bottled Gases can be unclean fuels, they contain substances which can leave deposits on pipework and burners. As Sylvia is pretty old I am wondering if the Copper Pipes to appliances may be clogged up, thereby reducing Gas Flow. Notably why the heater is...
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    Wind Turbine ?

    Is anyone using a Wind Turbine to help gather energy for electrical systems ?
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    AKS Gas Catalytic Heating Systems (Alke)

    Anyone have any experience with these ? Are they any good ?
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    EBAY Find - EX Library Van

    Looks good, one for conversion, would be a great project IMO
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    2012 MH ON Auction Elddis Autoquest, Could be good ?

    This is a standard motorhome. Just wondering what people think of the price it is at now and if anyone has any experience of these Models of Elddis Autoquest 2012 or similar type vehicle, whether good / bad / indifferent and what would be a good price for this, e.g anything up to £30K or £35K...