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    Dartcharge for converted van...worth checking!

    I have tried without success to change our converted van to motor caravan but apparently it does not look like one ( see other threads). Noticed that dartcharge are still rating it as a class C which is dearer whereas it should be class B (same as cars) as it is a van with side windows...
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    Suffolk Campers conversions

    I know most here self build themselves, but other need a little help. Suffolk Campers have done an excellent job for us converting our Relay. Bruce usually does VWs but had done his own Citroen previously and was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, that we decided to go with him. Very fair...
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    Roof bars l2h2 relay enterprise

    Has anyone got recommendations for roof bars? Seem to be a vast array priced from £100 to £550! Can't afford the latter but obviously dont want to buy rubbish. Stainless steel heavier than aluminium but cheaper ...any advice appreciated. Also where to buy!
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    We have done it!

    At last finalised our plans for our Citroen relay enterprise (H2L2) conversion. We are having it converted by a local firm and are really happy with his knowledge and flexibility so far ( as well as prices!) He met with us three times before we left the van with him, taped out the planned...
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    Insurance while being converted

    Finally bought our van for conversion. But trying to work out what to do about insurance while it's being done, needs van insurance initially but then it will be changed on v5 to motorcars an so the van insurance will have to be cancelled and new policy taken out? How have others done this...
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    road tax april 2017 vehicles onwards

    Researching base vehicles and am having difficulty understanding the road tax rates....looks like you pay upwards of £500 for the first year (?) then a lower rate . Vehicles with RRP over £40000 pay a higher fee for five years. Is this correct! I am not usually this thick, but it seems that the...
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    New sink area in Citroen Relay

    Really pleased with latest update. Blanche is getting quite posh now! For a SWB van we now have most of what we need. Found that we wanted a sink / basin when wildcamping...not very discreet to brush teeth in a car park. The sink drains into a 20 ltre plastic container. New cupboard above also...
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    Blanche updated (again!) Citroen relay

    Went away for a couple of days last week and on our return Dave decided to do some more tweaks. We now have a cooker unit...lift up lid lined with metal. and a shelf over the cold box which has a table which slides underneath. Next is fitting a cupboard with sliding doors above the back of the...